What is 123RandomImage?
123RandomImage is a simple PHP script for displaying a random image on a web page. It is released under the GNU General Public Licence.

Where can I see a demo of 123RandomImage?

Where can I download it?
Download Version 0.0.1 - .zip format

How do I configure it?
Simply change the $path directive in the randomimage.php file to point to the directory that contains the random images. All files ending with .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif in this directory will be added to the collection of random images. For example, if all your random images were stored in a subdirectory of the directory randomimage.php is in called random-imgs, you could leave this as is as:

$path = './random-imgs/';
To display the random images in a HTML document, simply call randomimage.php like any other image. For example:      
<img src="randomimage.php" alt="Random Image" border="0" />
would display a random image, as long as the file you are calling it from is in the same directory as randomimage.php

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